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The 21st Century Investment Bank

A leading provider of PIPR Private Issuers Public Raising (PIPR)
Securities allowed with the adoption of the JOBS Act Title II regulations, which lifted the ban on general solicitation.

The eBR Platform

The eBarnRaiser (eBR) Platform is focused on raising capital for aspiring growth companies and is designed to handle transactions ranging from self-directed Crowdfunding to the more complex Regulation D transactions and other capital raising transactions using equity, preferred equity, debt, convertible debt and other Private Placement structures through our proprietary Investment Bank.

We are dedicated to building a vibrant community with our accredited investors, business advisors and portfolio companies based on transparency, trust and continuing communication.

Accredited Investors

Investing is about confidence and trust. At eBRCapital , before a company can be called an "eBarnRaiser Portfolio Company" they are subjected to a screening process designed to ensure that we are working with some of the most innovative and exciting opportunities available in the market.

eBRCapital provides you, the Accredited Investor, with greater access to better screened opportunities for private placement deals and allows you to remain in control of your investment decisions.


With the advent of social networks and recent regulatory changes, our team has leveraged their Investment Banking experience to build a funding platform designed for the 21st Century aspiring growth company.

eBRCapital's experienced Investments Bankers together with knowledgeable Business Professionals are readily available to help you navigate your capital raise path on one our innovative funding portals.

Investment Professionals

eBRCapital is a community of investors, entrepreneurs, companies, and investment professionals as intermediaries to provide expertise, transparency and guidance in creating, sourcing and placing private placement investments

Whether you want to offer your own deals or you want to participate in those offered on our platform, we provide you and your firm a rigorously complaint processes necessary for your success.

Investment Bankers
Our FINRA Broker Dealer, 1st Bridgehouse Securities, has registered Investment Bankers with an average of 25+ years in the industry experienced in structuring innovative and credible transactions.
One Platform
Two Portals
Our infrastructure, provides issuers the desired investor and deal differentiation necessary to customize capital raises based on need and capacity which is a key to success in this new market and unique in the industry.
Since eBRCapital originates from the securities industry, we are built to the higher standard of a regulated capital market participant instead of simply a new funding portal designation.
Selling Syndicates
As a FINRA member firm we are licensed to work with other Broker Dealers and Investment Bankers to collaborate on capital raises and provide additional online distribution thus leveraging the existing and historical network of securities dealers.