eBRCapital.com Team has the experience and knowledge

The Difference

 A full service Investment Banking Practice designed to raise capital in the 21st Century.

  • Create custom tailored program appropriate for the company to attract capital

  • Target individuals that are close to the company’s product and services.


Professional Investment Banking Practice

  • Dedicated Investment Bankers assigned to each Issuer

  • Advisory services raise the right amount of capital in a custom-designed program

  • Meet all due diligence requirements, track all information exchange between company and investors, verify accreditation of investors

  • Professional selling syndicates with FINRA Members


Delivering technology designed to replicate our time tested Investment Banking model

  • Development of company profile on eBRCapital website. Well-thought out programs to reach those likely to invest. This profile gives investors a wide range of data, due diligence, financial information and offering terms.

  • Issuer in control of the capital raise process from prospecting to closing

  • Investor friendly interface breaking down entry barriers


Digital Marketing Experts designed to help you build the required online offering presence

  • Migrating required Investment Banking material to secure online environment

  • Developing digital media material



All processes are compliant with all regulatory rules and regulations from FINRA and the SEC.