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The eBRCapital Verification process is the interim process when we ask investors and registered representatives preliminary questions about yourself, your industry affiliations, how you qualify as an Accredited Investor (if applicable),  and your Broker Dealer affiliation ( if you are a Registered Representative).  The information you provide is shared with the Issuer of the data room you wish to access.

A syndicate member is a FINRA member Broker-Dealer partner who is actively working on that deal. Syndicate members can be compensated if the deal closes and they have completed the negotiated terms to be compensated.

Yes. One of our top priorities is protecting and securing non-public sensitive information. We use Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”). SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. We also have daily checks by our hosting provider. You can check eBRCapital's security status daily by the badge located in the footer.

1st BridgeHouse Securities, LLC (“1st BridgeHouse”, “FBS”) is a FINRA member firm that sources, creates, and delivers unique investment banking and advisory solutions to a wide array of capital market participants. All regulated and transactional services on eBRCapital.com are through 1st BridgeHouse Securities.

Investing in illiquid Private Placements is considered highly speculative and you could loose your entire investment. There may not be a current market for these investments and any future market may not be assured. If a market does exist, the bid price for this investment may be considerably lower than the original purchase price. Private Placements are considered "long term" (greater than 5 years). The Issuer is responsible for the business plan and objectives of the transaction. 1st BridgeHouse Securities or our syndicate partners are not responsible for the accuracy of any representations or material as stated in any information, offering memorandum, term sheets, projections, discussions (oral or written) or presentation of any kind.

Each deal proposes different risks to each investor. It is very important that you review all the due diligence in order for you to understand the risks of each deal.

A key advantage of using eBRCapital is that other broker dealers can be a syndicate members

PIPR statnds for Private Issuer, Pulic Raise

A private company that raises capital by soliciting securities (equity, bonds, notes, convertible notes, etc.) publicly while relying on various SEC exemptions to stay private. Commonly, public solicitation can occur on the Internet.

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