MetroWave Broadband Networks MetroWave Broadband Networks
100% proprietary last-mile network
99.99999% reliable; Major cost savings
Broadband provider using advanced fixed wireless technology to disrupt commercial broadband market.
In Due Diligence
Yolopido Yolopido
50,000+ users & 5,000+ orders/ month
Planned expansion into 20 LATAM cities
A Latin American food delivery technology platform and service providing 3rd party delivery services to restaurants.
In Due Diligence
Vaccinogen Inc Vaccinogen Inc
Raised $3,621,000
Series A Common Stock with Warrants
A biotechnology company specializing in using the body's immune system to fight cancer, specifically colorectal cancers.
Polymera Inc Polymera Inc
Raised $3,000,000
Common Stock
Manufactures advanced wood/natural fiber composite compounds (WPC) using recycled raw materials in a state of the at facility.

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