50,000+ users & 5,000+ orders/ month
Planned expansion into 20 LATAM cities

A Latin American food delivery technology platform and service providing 3rd party delivery services to restaurants.

Yo Lo Pido: I Ordered It!


Yolopido is a profitable food delivery technology platform and service currently operating in Venezuela since 2013. Yolopido has built a robust mobile and web platform which enables both restaurants and delivery services to attract and transact food delivery orders. Expansion has been the top priority since day one, so the platform is designed and developed to serve the unique business environments found across Latin America. With the technology and business model proven to work at scale across Venezuela, Yolopido is now poised to expand across Latin America.

The power of Yolopido’s platform lies in its two-sided approach to food order-delivery transactions and its keen understanding of the various logistical challenges to conducting such operations in Latin America’s unique business climate. Yolopido’s platform uses GPS and Google Maps to accurately locate addresses across Latin America. As well, with a keen understanding of the various business and security issues across Latin America, Yolopido built a tokenized “handshake” mechanism into its platform to minimize the risk of fraud. This protects restaurants against fraudulent transactions without requiring food purchasers to show their credit cards. Yolopido not only simplifies the food ordering process for consumers and restaurants, it also provides third party delivery services a way to integrate with restaurants which do not already offer delivery (which is the vast majority of restaurants in Latin America).



                 Benefits to Consumers          

  • Access: Convenient access to many restaurants nearby,  including those which don’t offer delivery
  • Mobility: Order from mobile app or website
  • Transactions: Easy credit card ordering (not ubiquitous in South America)

              Benefit to Restaurants              

  • Highly customizable and dynamic inventory/menu system
  • Web-based order management system with better functionality than most restaurants have in-house
  • Allow delivery and take-out consumers to pay with credit card (significant hurdle in Latin America)
  • Reach more customers through delivery without extra overhead
  • Geo-fence specific delivery territories to avoid problematic neighborhoods

           Benefits to Delivery Services     

  • Increase food delivery revenue without extra overhead;  “Uber for food delivery”
  • Geo-fence very specific delivery territories to avoid problematic neighborhoods



Proof of Concept: Venzuela

Since launching in Maracaibo in January, 2013, Yolopido has grown to 50,000 users across three cities in Venezuela, averaging close to 4,000 monthly transactions. The chart below shows Yolopido’s growth over 2015 in terms of total restaurant receipts processed, of which Yolopido takes a 15% commission.

Most of this growth has been organic, with very little marketing spend and no active customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing or promotions to spur repeat orders (these features are under development).

Yolopido’s success in Venezuela represents more than just proof-of-concept, it sustains a robust technology platform and a talented team which is ready to support rapid growth across Latin America.

Yolopido's Current Cities in Venezuela


Vision and Growth: Latin American Expansion

Yolopido intends to fully monetize its position at the intersection of Latin America’s food sourcing, preparing and consuming marketplaces.For example, Yolopido plans to connect restaurants with vendors, delivery services with non-restaurant clients, and consumers with relevant brands. Yolopido’s platform will eventually be used by restaurants to order fresh ingredients, and brands to connect with restaurants and consumers. While food delivery is Yolopido’s number one priority, its platform can connect any merchant with a delivery person and a consumer, and deliver value to all three!

With the primary goal of quick expansion, Yolopido has identified twenty cities across Latin America to launch. While the list includes a few major capitals, most of the cities were chosen based on their relatively low level of competition for food delivery services which would allow Yolopido to acquire customers more efficiently. 

Leveraging its robust technology and talented team based in Venezuela, which is funded by Yolopido’s profitable operations there, Yolopido can expand into these new markets in a cost-effective manner.