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  • BarkCam Sample BarkCam Sample
    Sample Company- eBark streams videos to your smartphone to monitor your pets when you are not home.
    Accepting Investors
  • Pink Egg Clothing Pink Egg Clothing
    Made in America Clothing Company
    In Due Diligence
  • Light Speed, LLC Light Speed, LLC
    LightSpeed is a technology development company focusing in mobile app creation
  • Super Pen Super Pen
    Selling the first smart pen that connects to your smart phone
    Accepting Investors
  • Blue Sand Blue Sand
    Private Island Transportation and Concierge Services
    In Due Diligence

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What is a PIPR?


A private company that raises capital by soliciting securities (equity, bonds, notes, convertible notes, etc.) publicly while relying on various SEC exemptions to stay private. Commonly, public solicitation can occur on the Internet.